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Lapa Walls and Outdoor Blinds

The canvas is attached to the sides of your opening with aluminum extrusions, wood cleats, or directly on the wooden poles in the case of lapa, with zips on the sides and a steel pole in a pocket at the bottom. This enables the canvas wall to remain fixed, without any annoying flapping.

If you wish to roll it up; (after unzipping it) a simple pulley system is provided, and the canvas will hang in a roll at the top, approximately 15cm in diameter.

We have a variety of colours to suit any taste.

The average height from the floor to the window is 600mm – standard table height, but this can be adjusted.

The maximum height of the window itself is 1.4 meters. The width is the width of your entire opening minus 600 mm.

Blinds higher than 2.4 meters make it difficult for the average person to open and close the zips. A solid fixed panel at the top is recommended in cases like these – we do small structural changes.

These blinds are also known as patio blinds.

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