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Need to repair or replace your tent roof, add side-walls, a canopy or a ‘stoep’? We’ve got it covered!

The first line of defence to rescue an aging tent is usually repair. We do patches and replace zips, gause, plastic, mudbands etc.
Another cost effective option is to add a new roof only. For a quotation we need the same measurements as for a new tent.

Supplying us with the existing tent, if possible, speeds up the process.

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For the cleaning and resealing of all canvas tents. Specialising in the cleaning and resealing of Caravan tents, Add-A-Room, Multi Rooms, Canopies and tent extensions.


Gecko Offroad cc manufactures luxury, multi-terrain caravans. The design, engineering and workmanship is based on 30 years of camping and caravanning experience.


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